7 reviews for LadyBits: Anti-Fungal Buttery Balm

  1. Fi Fi

    This cream is just wonderful. So easy to apply and helps with my itchiness. Instant relief! Every women should own one just in case.

  2. Claire

    I am really happy I tried this product. I used to get uncomfortable rashes on my chest when I ran but this cream helped so much!

  3. Ada

    I am in my first trimester and has recurrrent yeast infections so I can’t take the oral pill. Ladybits saved me! I felt instant relief applying it.

  4. Victoria Minior

    What a wonderful product. Smells beautiful, absorbs completely into your skin leaving no residue. Completely effective.

  5. Val

    This stuff is liquid gold! I tried other OTC creams prior to trying this and nothing helped. Just one day of using and the itching was relieved!

  6. Laura

    I usually have very sensitive skin, and this balm feels great. I’m prone to yeast infections, so this product was recommended to combat that. Will def buy again

  7. Cathy

    I found this product to be perfect in terms of texture and how it feels when I apply it. It goes on very smooth and you don’t need much at all to feel like it’s making a difference. I have been using it for perimenopausal symptoms mostly, but I would use it for any other ailments I have in that region. I love it! I would highly recommend it to any woman in any age group.

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