Ooo Oil, is a massage oil that is formulated with probiotics and hyaluronic acid which is shown to increase elasticity and decrease dryness. It serves as a moisturizer for even the most sensitive skin on a women's body. The lavender scent will leave you feeling relaxed, healthy and bring some Ooos in your life. We only use the best ingredients in our products. Sweet Almond oil is known to treat dry skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Hyippophae Rhamnoides Seed Oil can help your skin heal from wounds. Linolenic Acid helps to reduce acne breakouts. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is an antioxidant that is anti-inflammatory. It can help to improve the cosmetic outcome of a scar. Recent studies has shown that Lactobacilus Crispatus (Lactin V) can help decrease the incidence of bacterial vaginosis, a frequent problem that affects women of all ages.