this is how it all began


Patty T. Ng, MD FACOG and Elizabeth Traflet, NP started LadyBits as a way to bring revolutionary new medicine to women's healthcare. As a Board-Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant/Certified Nurse, Patty and Elizabeth have the experience and medical expertise necessary to respond to this growing need. Their desire for innovative care comes from years of hands-on experience working with mothers and women of all ages, seeing firsthand how fungal infections and other conditions can impact women's lives.

The world is changing, with more women than ever before out and active. The working woman, the athletically-active woman can get the same kind of fungal infections all athletes get - but all too often they lack the same treatments.

Medicine tends to focus on treatment but forgets the uniqueness of a women’s body. LadyBits exists to treat common health issues women face with the most natural and gentle ingredients.

Our first product the Anti-Fungal Buttery Balm is formulated with the natural, organic ingredients and medicated with a clinically proven medication, miconazole, for common fungal infections that affects many LadyBits. Stay tuned and keep checking back! We are actively researching new products to treat other womanly issues!

We wanted to make a product that actually feels like it’s working from the moment you start using it – and a product you like to keep using!

Patty & Beth